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coffee tonics made simple

this step-by-step workshop will guide you on how to easily create your own herbal powders, create your own coffee tonics and turn mundane routine into beautiful ritual.

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 this workshop includes

  • video tutorial on how to make your own herbal powders

  • video tutorial on how to make your own coffee tonics

  • exclusive recipes not found on the site

  • benefits to all ingredients and where to source them

  • benefits to each tonic

  • a morning playlist to pour your tonics to


who is this workshop for?


Truly everyone! This workshop is a simple guide to accessible herbs with incredible benefits. Creating your own coffee tonics and herbal powders doesn’t have to cost you $100+ each month or take up your entire morning. See how easy it can be to integrate consciousness into something you may already be doing everyday, with benefits to boot.


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coffee tonics made simple (1).png