Dry Brushing Basics

dry brushing benefits caitlin curiosity

Any ritual for me needs to be affordable, practical, and make me feel good. Dry brushing simply checks all three.

While running a bath, you can take a couple minutes brushing from your toes up. Be sure to brush towards the direction of your heart. Start with your feet and hands and gently brush towards your chest.

Some of the benefits include increased circulation and digestion, lymphatic support (which helps your body naturally remove toxins), exfoliation, reduces cellulite, brighter skin, and a slight energy boost.

Two of my other favorite benefits are that it helped clear up the little bumps on the backs of my arms more-so than anything I’ve ever tried. It also gives me the softest, baby-smooth skin.

You can find one at almost any natural grocer at this point or I found mine for under $7 on Amazon here because I don’t think you should have to invest a pretty penny on something new that you don’t know if you will or won’t like.

Another tip — I keep mine out in eye’s view in my bathroom because it can slip your mind when you’re first beginning a new ritual. I started with a couple times a week and now try to brush before every bath because my skin is used to the feeling & loves it.