How To Make Herbal Infusions

Herbal infusions have been a recent addition to my daily routine over the past few months and they could not be simpler, more affordable, and so deeply beneficial!

Where To Start


As a small business owner, I choose to support local whenever possible so I started by looking up nearby herb shops or apothecaries. If you’re in Phoenix, the one I stumbled upon and have enjoyed so far is Green Goddess House of Herbs. If you don’t have one locally to you, Mountain Rose Herbs is a really beautiful resource to purchase them online.

Which Herbs?

I like to research herbs ahead of time depending on what I want or am looking for. My research began with hormone balancing blends since coming completely off birth control earlier this year. Most herbs will have a list of beautiful benefits like improved digestion, neuroprotection, reducing stress and anxiety, provide vitamins, and boost your immune system to name a few. Find a few that peak your curiosity and purchase one to two ounces of each to start playing around with.


You can work with an herbalist if you’re dealing with more serious ailments that require measured out recipes. Since that’s not the case for me, I’ve experimented with intuitively making my own blends depending on my desired results. I take about one to two tablespoons of anywhere from three to six different herbs into a 64oz mason jar. Fill the jar with spring water, and top with a lid. Let it sit on the counter overnight or anywhere from 8 to 24 hours.

In the morning, strain using a milk bag like this one (I use this for nut milks and vegetable juices) or in a french press. Pour the strained infusion back into the mason jar and store in the fridge.

I drink one 64oz jar a day and make a new infusion each night for the following day. So simple! If you’re curious about the taste, it depends on which herbs you’re using but it’s like any herbal tea you’d purchase from the store. By playing around with different herbs you’ll start to find what combinations are most effective for you and you enjoy the most!

NourishCaitlin Smith