'In Love' With Flower Essences


Through the powers of social media I stumbled upon Alexis Smart and her flower remedies. I had heard from a few different people how incredible and impactful her essences were and it peaked my curiosity enough to give them a try.

It never ceases to amaze me how beautifully healing plants are to our bodies in so many different forms. In the 1930’s, Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician and bacteriologist, discovered the healing treatments of flower essences. A little background, they’re an herbal infusion made from the flowering part of wild plants, bushes, and trees.

Alexis’ website says it perfectly “Similar to acupuncture and homeopathy, flower remedies work on the subtle level of the bioenergetic field in our bodies and assist in positively changing mental and emotional patterns.”. (Check out her FAQ link for more information).

Which one to choose?

When it came to choosing a specific blend, I knew the things I wanted to focus on at that point in my life so I headed to the ‘love’ section. Alexis recommends reading through each formula and pick the one that most relates to your feelings and emotional state at the time. A lot of my lessons and tests over the past year have been around self-worth and partnership so I felt the ‘In Love’ formula made the most sense for me.

It’s one of the pricier things I splurge on in wellness but it’s still VERY affordable. One bottle costs $37 and will last me a little over two months. In order for the formula to be effective you’re suggested to take four drops under your tongue four times a day and should see results in as little as three weeks. She does have a couple instantaneous blends but the one I chose isn’t one of them so it’s not something you drop under your tongue and feel immediate results with (at least in my experience).

How soon does it work?

I would say right around the two to three week mark, I started noticing changes within my emotional state around love. Love with myself. Forgiveness with myself. Confidence and peace in expressing my needs and wants out of partnership with someone new I was dating (which I’ve never done prior). Dating was often one giant trigger for me. Bringing up old wounds, insecurities, and anxieties was the norm. Since taking the formula I’ve experienced complete peace and ease. It’s been a game changer and so lovely to feel this calm. I’ve put my hypnotherapy sessions on hold while doing this so I truly believe the results are from Alexis’ remedies. I’m eager to try the two modalities together to enhance my results even more though!

As with most things in wellness I say this. If you’re curious — try it! My experience is my experience so if you’re waiting for someone else to tell you to do it, I won’t be that person. But I do want to share how wonderful and impactful it’s been in my own life. When I find something that works, that’s as simple as weaving into my daily routine, I have to share in hopes that it may bring the same lovingness and peace to you as well.

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